AWT's Content Management Portal (CMP)


Using our Content Management Portal, creating customized web application has never been easier or faster without loosing any flexibilty any developer would expect.  No matter if you are just an avid computer user that knows how to check email or type out a document, or if you are senior software developer, this tool will be able to work well for you!


The CMP already comes preloaded with several web apps or modules.  These modules include but are not limited to:

  • Announcements and Announcement manager
  • Photo Gallery Editor
  • Items Editor (like for a restaurant food menu)
  • Inventory checkout logs and inventory manager
  • Employee Time Off Requests with approvals and calander
  • Real Estate Management (manage your tenants payments and buildings)
  • Expense tracker
  • On the go report creater (just select the fields and the filter then run it)
  • System and Custom Alerts
  • Software Developer's Kit and IDE buildin tools
  • and more coming soon!


Pricing is competive. 

Reseller options available. 

Software Developer contributions (with pay) are available. 


Please use the contact us page to get more information about starting a trial!